Owner Services

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Welcome to Premier Real Estate Management. We’re dedicated to improving the performance of your investment property. Using our proven methodologies, we reduce costs, increase efficiencies, improve the quality of service and enhance the value of properties for our customers. 

Advertising - Internet, signs, newspaper, and brochures are all included FREE of charge.  Our website advertising includes Craigslist.com, Postlets.com, Hotpads.com, Zillow.com, Oodle.com, Backpage.com, Dothomes.com, Enormo.com, GoogleBase.com, Local.com, Lycos.com, and Vast.com.  In addition to our traditional advertising we also work with various real estate brokers and other management companies in the area to assist in finding a tenant.  Essentially you have nearly a dozen websites, almost a hundred brokers and three management companies all working together to get you the most money for your investment property. 

Lease-to-Own Program - Our Company provides rebates to all of our tenants. We pay tenants to rent your property. It gives them the sense of ownership resulting in better care of the property. They don’t have to buy your property, but if all parties agree, we are fully capable of facilitating the transaction. We offer tenants monetary incentives to rent from us, even if they prefer a different property in another location. 

Property Inspection - We perform a detailed inspection on every property free of charge, and offer recommendations for repairs and upgrades that will maximize the return on your investment property. We also suggest an appropriate rent price, accompanied with a detailed market analysis. We inspect the property while rented to ensure it remains in good condition, and perform preventative maintenance as needed. We also take digital pictures to ensure documentation of accurate property condition to help avoid disputes.

Property Showings - Our leasing team is highly trained in the art of selling real estate. Let our skilled lease team sell the amenities, value and location of your property to prospective tenants. We also offer online, virtual tours allowing your property to be available for viewing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re continuously training the sales team so we can close the tenant on every attempt. We also subscribe to the Multiple Listing Service, allowing other agents to view your listing for their clients. Premier specializes in getting the most exposure possible and excels in the ultimate goal of renting your property at its highest value. Our computer system and digital camera files enable us to maintain a comprehensive list of all features that make your property desirable and special.

Tenant Screening - Anytime you decide to rent your property you run the risk of renting to bad tenants. We try to minimize these risks with our thorough tenant screening service. We check and analyze every aspect of the prospective tenant, and meet with every prospective tenant for a face-to-face interview. 

  • Meet with every prospective tenant for a face-to-face interview. 
  • Require tenants to fill out a detailed rental application. 
  • Credit check, criminal background check, past eviction check. 
  • Verify rental history with current and previous landlords. 
  • Verify tenant employment and ability to meet income requirements.  In some cases, we require additional prepaid rent and/or parent cosigners.

Collections of Rent - We offer several payment options. Our Easy Pay option for automatic withdrawal makes rent collection quick and simple. We offer the same convenience to our owners and automatically deposit rental income into their bank accounts, saving them valuable time and frustration.

Evictions – We have established relationships with law offices, making evictions quick and less costly.  In the event of non-payment or any other violation of our lease agreement, tenants are put on an official "Notice to Vacate" or asked to take immediate corrective action.

Maintenance Service - We perform semi-annual property inspections for preventative maintenance and inspection of tenant damages. We provide 24-hour emergency maintenance service. We have an extended list of vendors for any type of need. We also closely control and supervise our maintenance work. We know what repairs should cost and how long they should take to complete. Bills are never paid until all work has been completed. Our services include, cleaning, painting, plumbing, tile, electrical, etc. A better maintained property makes for a happier tenant that's more likely to take care of the property. In addition to management, we work diligently to protect the value of your investment by helping to maintain your property at current neighborhood standards. Lawn and grounds keeping, door, window and drywall repair are all done at affordable rates.

Move-Out Inspection - A thorough property inspection will be preformed at the end of every lease.  All damages will be billed to tenant with itemized deductions to be taken out of their security deposits.

Remodeling - We also offer remodeling services at affordable rates.  We want to see your property flourish and your investment portfolio to grow with us.

Financial Reports - You will receive detailed monthly accounting reports that give a breakdown of the month’s financial actions affecting the property. Reports are mailed out on the 13th day of the month. Checks will be deposited at that time as well, before your mortgage payment is due or if you would like, we can pay your mortgage for you, free of charge. Year-end reports are also available for your tax needs.

Owners Online Website - Owners can view monthly statements in real-time, check on rents outstanding and view signed lease contracts as well as vendor repair invoices.

Tenants Online Website - Tenants can view properties, see property photos, leases, applications and submit maintenance requests.

Management Costs - If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. No fee will ever be charged if the property is vacant. We offer competitive management fees at 10 percent of the gross monthly rent for full-service management. Only upon successful execution of the lease will a one-time leasing fee be assessed (50% of one month’s gross rental amount). This leasing fee will cover advertising, showing the property, tenant screening, lease negotiation and other costs. This fee may also be paid to other real estate brokers showing your property. The fee is automatically deducted from the rent and all remaining funds will be sent to the owner. As an additional fee, Premier REM will retain any interest earned on security deposits. Owner and Premier REM split late charges as described in the management agreement. The leasing and management fees are generally tax-deductible.

Owner Responsibilities - Owners are responsible for paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance, HOA (unless specified), and additional advertising if authorized by owner.